Roll-up Sectional Doors “roll-up” in a track and rests inside the building when open. When open, the door rests horizontally flat overhead. The door is made up of sections that can be 12” to 20” high, with or without windows. Multiple sections make up the total height desired for the application.

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Counter Roll-up Doors are a small version of a standard roll-up door. They incorporate the same rugged construction for durability and security, easy to operate and come in variety of configurations and styles. Countertop roll-up doors stow away in a cylindrical canister when open, minimizing overhead interference. 

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Fire Rated Doors require special materials and sealing to provide damage security when needed. In applications where fire is a threat the capabilities of fire rated doors can keep fire and smoke out of other occupied areas of the building to minimize risk of more extensive damage.

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Roll-up Service doors are made up of multiple slats, typically 2-3” in height.  The total height of the roll-up door is increased by connecting multiple slates for the desired height requirement.  Widths are custom cut to the door width requirement.

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Insulated Service Doors help keep buildings warm in the winter and cool in the summer as well as reducing noise from outside. Insulated doors usually pay for themselves with savings for heating and air conditioning expenses over the first 5yrs of use.

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