Commercial Door Company specializes at installing and repairing doors for restaurants. There are a wide variety of door styles to choose from. Kitchen doors, back doors for receiving, front entrance doors and the new patio garage doors for more informal environments to extend the dining area or open up the restaurant for lots of fresh air. CDC has experience with dozens of door vendors to offer some of the most unique looking and highly functional doors in the restaurant industry. Give us a call and lets discuss your needs. We’ll be happy to visit and provide a free estimate for your specific door repair or installation needs.

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Sound Stage Doors are highly insulated with special materials to block transmission of sound between rooms or to keep sounds from outside being heard inside. Whether it’s interior sound recording doors your looking for or large entrance sound stage doors, CDC can accommodate your special needs.

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Aircraft Hangar Doors are used in applications where large openings are required. This can be for airplane storage or other large or tall structures. These doors are very durable and have the option of pass-thru pedestrian (pilot) doors to provide building access without opening the larger hangar door.

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High Speed Doors are designed for exterior and interior openings that require a very high speed opening and closing rate with high-cycles that can withstand wind loads, severe internal air pressure differentials or harsh environmental requirements.

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Pass-Thru Doors are small doors that are used to pass-thru small objects from one side of a wall to another. These are often used as labs pass-thru doors or clean rooms. Clean room doors are key to minimizing the problem of particle contamination. These applications can be very specialized depending on your building requirements, but we can help.

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Impact doors are rugged swinging doors that open either direction. They are made to take a beating with carts, dollies, forklifts or people opening them up by ramming or pushing them open. Impact Doors usually have a window and are usually well lit on both sides so employees avoid collision going opposite directions.

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Commercial Canopy Doors have been around for years, one of the oldest styles of industrial doors today. CDC was a pioneer in this style door and can match almost any style in the market. Canopy doors use a spring to counterbalance the door to help lift to the open position.

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