Welcome to another Commercial Door Company Tech Talk video.  Today’s subject is high speed, high performance, roll-up doors.  This project shows Commercial Door Company installing 4 high speed doors at a recycling transfer center.  For this application the Speed-Master 2600 L high performance door was chosen, manufactured by Hörmann High Performance Doors.  In addition to the standard light grid sensors built into the guide tracks, we added a “right of way lighting system” for ease of use, efficiency and safety. 

The Speed-Master 2600 L opens at 36" per second and closes at 30" per second.  Fast cycle speeds like this are often needed for special commercial applications.  In this installation, these doors were chosen as a solution for containing odors associated with the nature of the recycling center.   

The Speed-Master 2600 L is constructed of a heavy-duty, 90 oz. PVC panel material and is powered with a direct-drive motor.  Uniquely, there are no moving parts such as springs or counterbalances within the guide tracks, which greatly minimizes maintenance requirements and reduces downtime in the event that the door is hit.  Although these are very large doors with substantial inertia, when the light sensors are interrupted, the door automatically reverses, preventing it from accidentally closing on personnel or vehicles, as demonstrated here. 

It requires a special skill set as well as the appropriate equipment to install doors like these.  If installed correctly, they will operate trouble-free for many years.

Hörmann High Performance Doors is a world leader and premier manufacturer of high performance doors with designs for countless industries.  The reason that Commercial Door Company recommends this manufacturer is because of the reputation of Hörmann as a quality brand, German engineered and made in the U.S.

Thank you for watching this example of installing high speed roll up doors. 

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